• You are what you eat eats! e.g. Cancer, Diabetes and more..

    The food industry portrays pictures of the happy farm yard on the front labels but in truth, the contents are laden with gazillions of cancer and disease causing chemicals  – many of which are disguised or simply missing from the labels. The average supermarket with maybe 50,000 products on the shelves –  of which 90+% are bad for us,  containing the factory food industry products and processes that will keep us sick and addicted that were created by the needs of big spenders such as the Monster McDonald’s.

    We’re seeing obesity at all ages increase at record highs as the addictive fat, sugar and salt filled products keep us running on empty calories and running back for more.  Meanwhile  most people are landing in hospital where the underlying causes is malnutrition and most people leave hospital more malnourished than when they went in in addition to being pumped full of drugs in an age where in the UK alone, an acceptable level of deaths due to legally prescribed drugs is 10,000 per year. That’s not all, 95% of  disease INCLUDING Cancer can be prevented and even reversed should we give the body the right food. Simply increasing raw fruit and veg and vitamin supplements. [Read More…]