About Me (not!)

Thank you for visiting my website.

Its a mixed bag isn’t it?! if you are in technology and recruitment then you need to get our more in the hills.

OK ~ well it’s not really about me, it’s about them, the audience which is you. but here’s a little about me anyways..

Head of Operations – I’m really about –

• Building company-wide strategy / implementing all aspects of recruitment activity & recruitment systems, both internal and external – allowing recruiters to recruit and management to manage

• Operational Excellence with an eye for differentiation through innovation – business process re-engineering ahead of the curve for continued growth

• Joined up business objectives & company-wide recruitment strategies – leading to a great user (stakeholder) experience

• Uniting people and technology / promoting ‘buy-in’ @ CEO & Board level

• Background includes hands-on successful IT & Engineering Recruitment, candidate attraction, new recruitment strategy and building talent pools

• Driving up efficiency and reducing cost per hire for recruiting teams
Special interests –
• Developing Mobile technologies into the mix for great digital processes in recruitment workflow

• Candidate and Employer / Recruiter Brand Attraction, inbound marketing

• Social Recruiting solution design and integration of IP back to the CRM

• Digital Marketing Technologies – including video and latest engagement tools

• Development of transparent real-time performance scorecards based on sensible indicators that also present future success

• Building community – inbound recruiting and building followings in niche (e.g. Cyber Security & Cloud) in advance of job requirement needs

NB:   all views are my own!