You are what you eat eats! e.g. Cancer, Diabetes and more..

The food industry portrays pictures of the happy farm yard on the front labels but in truth, the contents are laden with gazillions of cancer and disease causing chemicals  – many of which are disguised or simply missing from the labels. The average supermarket with maybe 50,000 products on the shelves –  of which 90+% are bad for us,  containing the factory food industry products and processes that will keep us sick and addicted that were created by the needs of big spenders such as the Monster McDonald’s.

We’re seeing obesity at all ages increase at record highs as the addictive fat, sugar and salt filled products keep us running on empty calories and running back for more.  Meanwhile  most people are landing in hospital where the underlying causes is malnutrition and most people leave hospital more malnourished than when they went in in addition to being pumped full of drugs in an age where in the UK alone, an acceptable level of deaths due to legally prescribed drugs is 10,000 per year. That’s not all, 95% of  disease INCLUDING Cancer can be prevented and even reversed should we give the body the right food. Simply increasing raw fruit and veg and vitamin supplements.

On a recent quest to get healthier and a lot lighter in losing a few pounds ( ok a lot of pounds), a chance discovery of the film ‘Fat Sick & Nearly Dead’,  had me running out to get a juicer.

Talking to people about health as you do, I find the eyes may glaze over like I’m selling some insurance or something!  This is testament to the lock the food and drugs industry have on our everyday lives today. Lurking underneath the many layers of  lies, there is some awful sad truths about the what is in the food we eat, the diseases they cause and of the cures, then you might not want to look towards the big pharma industry for a fix!A few bags of kale later and about 30 days, I was 3 stone down and a heck of a lot healthier. Energy levels had gone through the roof on this rocket fuel and the new toy shop was now “Go Outdoors”.

OK – Not a diet as such but a reboot and re program of the brain to think healthier when it comes to chucking things in the shopping basket. I’s actually prefer a salad than a salt loaded Sunday roast. However, looking closer into the food industry and also the drugs industry reveals a terrible lock down  in mind set that Jo public is unawares is even upon them.

We’re fed by a factory farm system as the MacDonald’s of the world become the buyers that shape the processes of  what ends up on the supermarket shelves,  then your average superstore with 50,000 products of which 90%+ have contents which legally cause so many diseases and addictions including cancer and obesity. That not to mention the GM mashed up Geno’s. And the biggest cause of hospital admission is through underlying malnutrition yet most leave hospital more malnourished then when they went in – as nourishment is definitely not on the menu bin instead, harmful toxins.

Don’t get me wrong in this video. You may need medical assistance in a hospital in a short term or emergency and the doctors and nurses of the most part do a brilliant caring job. It’s not about that. But thank you for all the great carers in the medical profession and also the volunteers in the hospices giving up their time in palliative care.

Our Doctors are trained by the pharmaceutical industry. Now that’s a big trillion dollar money business who’s profits rely on us being sick. And they, the pharma industry train and regulate doctors and the very drugs the manufacture – so that’s like your favourite restaurant’s hygiene check-up is done by the owner of the restaurant!

The truth is ‘we are what we eat’, physically I mean., although our physical wellness will affect us mentally too and I won’t even get into the spiritual side here! Give the body the right  minerals and vitamins and the body is then a super healing machine.

There is no need for cancer and disease given we have 51% plus raw veg and fruits. Prevention means no need for doctors’ visits.

Cancer and disease is reversible too! The body’s healing mechanisms are that good. Cancer has been irradiated since the 30’s being treated with high dosed of vitamin C alone and 95% of cancer types are reversible AND preventable in the first place. Why does the average Jo not know about this? The pharma companies fiercely  squash such data and put out much propaganda to deny such research. Of course they are a sickness industry – not so much a heath industry. The more sick people are, the more money they make and the drugs industry is after all a Trillion Dollar industry.

If there were a health epidemic today they would collapse as would probably wall street!

Good news is that  people are slowly waking up to what they put into their body pushed from the food and drugs industry.

Sure we will die once or twice but we can live healthier and happier for longer down here.

So eat better, live healthier and store more in heaven too!

Hippocrates – “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” 470 BC


Bad food contents and causes to look out for:

Sodium nitrate (Cancer)

Sodium Sulphite (Breathing Difficulties)

Azodicarbonamide (Asthma)

Potassium bromated (Cancer)

Propyl gallate (Cancer)

BHA/BHT (Tumour Growth)

Propylene glycol ( Better known as antifreeze)

Butane (A known carcinogen)

Monosodium glutamate (MSG)  ( Heart Seizures, nerve damage)

Disodium inosinate (MSG)

Disodium guanylate (MSG)

Enriched flour (TOXIC)

Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH)(Cancer)

Refined vegetable oil (Heart Disease & Cancer)

Sodium benzoate (DNA Damage)

Brominated vegetable oil (Poison, Organ Damage, Birth Defects)

Propyl gallate (Cancer)

Olestra (Digestive & Heart problems)

Carrageenan (Ulcers, Cancer)

Polysorbate 60 (Cancer)

Camauba wax (Tumours & Cancer)

Magnesium sulphate (Cancer)

Chlorine dioxide (Tumours, Hyperactivity)

Paraben (Breast Cancer)

Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (Cancer)

Aluminium (Cancer)

Saccharin (Bladder Cancer)

Aspartame (Dizziness, Headaches, Vision,Cancer)

High fructose corn syrup (Obesity, Diabetes, Arthritis)

Acesulfame potassium (Lung & Breast Tumours)

Sucralose (Kidney & Liver Swelling, Shrinkage Thymus)

Agave nectar (insulin resistance, liver disease and inflammation)

Bleached starch (asthma and skin irritations)

Tert butylhydroquinone (Stomach Tumours)

Red #40 ( Cancer, Hyperactivity)

Blue #1 (DNA Damage, Cancer)

Blue #2 (Brain Tumours)

Citrus red #1 (DNA Damage, Cancer)

Citrus red #2 (Cancer)

Green #3 (Bladder Tumour)

Yellow #5 (Kidney Tumour)

Yellow #6 (Kidney Tumour)

Red #2 (Asthma & Cancer)

Red #3 (Nerve Damage, Thyroid Cancer)

Caramel colouring (Ammonia,Cancer)

Brown HT (Hyperactivity, Cancer, Asthma)

Orange B (Liver and Bile Duct)

Bixin (Hyperactivity, Asthma)

Norbixin (Hyperactivity, Asthma)

Annatto (Hyperactivity, Asthma)

Recommended – I’m not a fanatic! Do check this out for yourself.

You may find these films on Netflix as mentioned in my video but here are some YouTube links here to check out:

Fat Sick & Nearly Dead

Food Matters

Forks Over Knives

Food Inc

Hungry For Change

That Vitamin movie

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