Littering, Respect & Responsibility?

It’s great being out and about in the glorious outdoors. What striking beauty we have on our doorsteps – the places that replenish and oxygenate the urban world.

BUT…. one thing you cannot help notice however is the increasing amount of trash left behind. What goes on in the minds of these people – who presumably also enjoy getting out? Just throwing bottles and cans etc., along the way side, is beyond most of us but the problem is not just UK bound but is worldwide.

Snippets in this video are from places of extreme beauty – Delamere Forest in Cheshire and also the Snake Plantation – Lady Clough, in the glorious Peak District. Marred sometimes by litter left by the few and notably wild campers who don’t understand the ‘leave no trace’ Code.

These people pack these cans and bottles in when full – so why not pack them out and take home whist empty? I found myself turning to the camera in anger but this does not solve the problem at all. I think +Sleeves sums it up well in his Trash video “Your Responsibility” – and the similar sentiments in the +BluegrassBushcraft video “Why?” – see in the footer below.

It does come down to Responsibility doesn’t it. When chucking trash around, people are shifting the responsibility onto something else – to others, other people or the environment. Whatever happened to the ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaigns and government information films!?

I will no longer get angry but just pick it up and pack it out myself. That way other hikers don’t have to see it and nor do I the next time I am walking by..!

Longer term it will take many years and really something that has to start at home and the responsibility of parents and sometimes children will teach parents a thing or two from what they learn in school.
I put together this short video. it features Charlie (Japanese Chin) & Bailey (Chihuahua) on litter patrol @ Delamere Forest and also Lady Clough Forest Snake Plantation in the Peak District

Litter  DSCN1209

Check out a couple of vids on the same subject from our friends across the water –

+Sleeves channel and video “Your Responsibility”

+BluegrassBushcraft “Why?”

A disturbing video short about the effects of litter pollution on wildlife

Conventional wisdom says that if everyone were to just pick up X amount of litter a day, then, before long, it would all be gone..

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