• GDPR – The clock is ticking – Are You Ready?

    GDPR is fast approaching and enforceable from 25th May 2018. As of today (in October 2017), that is only circa 150 working days – unless you are planning on working  Christmas holidays and the weekends!

    Many organisations and recruitment businesses are in full flow working towards the changes but there are still many that are so far, not fully aware or just simply ignoring the regulations, thinking they are just another guidance for best practice or even, an estimated 15% think that post Brexit GDPR will not apply.

    GDPR is law in the UK from 25th May 2018 –  then it will be enforceable and will remain in place beyond Brexit. At the same time, the ICO will have at least another 100+ enforcement staff from May 2018 to process & investigate reported beaches.

    I’ve had a gander at what organisations are up to and looked to find out the what’s what of GDPR in recruiting terms and I can say that so far, it is on the one hand straightforward but on the other, a minefield of processes and systems to implement and the recruitment fraternity is still trying to grasp and clarify requirements of the new legislation including the REC and APSCO seek the same.

    For good or bad, GDPR does not, however, define any specific data protection controls that an organisation must follow. Each organisation is allowed to determine, for itself, the necessary security controls for the collected data, confidentiality and risk.What?!! [Read More…]