• The USAF B29 Superfortress wreckage on Bleaklow

    This video walk tells a brief story of the Boeing RB-29A [F13-A] Superfortress 44-61999 ‘Over Exposed’ 16th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron, 91st Reconnaissance Wing, 311 Air Division, Strategic Air Command, found  at Higher Shelf Stones in the Peak District on Bleaklow, near Glossop  in 1948 whilst on a routine flight to the American airbase at Burtonwood, Warrington.

    The flight was carrying the payload of $7,400 dollars for the buttonwood base employees which incredibly escaped the inferno unharmed. Tragically, the All 13 crew members were killed – just  3 days before they were due to return home having survived WWII.

    There are over 180 plane wreckages in the Peak District but none more prolific in terms of remains, than this super fortress –  an incredible engineering masterpiece of the day and one which is the forerunner of modern jets of today.  [Read More…]

  • A mini Tale of Survival – just 30 mins from civilisation on Bleaklow!

    Tales of the Lost Witch of Bleaklow, The Novice Hiker in the Snow, a B29 Super Fortress and Sheep’s Skull Wardrobe in a Bothy

    Ok no Witch or Wardrobe but sounded better!. But definitely a Lost Novice..!

    When it comes to walking in the hills I can only be described as a novice still – being just short of 2 years in total since discovering the fantastic wonders of the glorious peak district in what started out as a Sunday walk up Mam Tor. I think I have pretty much been back every week, primarily doing circular walks from various guide books and loading up the odd GPX file into the GPS. [Read More…]